100+ additional classes. 20+ additional office hours. Hands-on implementation support. The most popular business planning workbooks. A bustling community.



What if, alongside all the incredible business-building content inside B-School, you also had access to…

  • 100+ Conquer Classes available on-demand to complement what you learn inside B-School — including training on everything from marketing and launching, to financial advice, legal support, and more — that you can access all year long.
  • Office Hours Calls with Natalie all year (that’s me). These calls are where you can get specific feedback on your sales pages and processes, website, funnel, and more. You’ll get your burning questions answered in real time, celebrate your wins, share your challenges, and more.
  • 6 implementation and accountability calls during the B-School process, and 6 additional implementation calls for the rest of the year with our in-house system guru and community manager Kelly Azevedo. These calls will help you put what you learn to work because knowledge needs to be paired with taking action!
  • A thriving, close-knit Facebook community full of ambitious, successful women entrepreneurs you can turn to for assistance, emotional support, and tools from our members, and myself and Kelly.
  • The keys to your own private Mentoring Mastermind group just for B-School students while the program is underway.

If those sound like tools that could change the game for you in B-School 2017 — we want to help you find out what’s possible.

That’s why, when you enroll in B-School 2017 from this page, you’ll also get access to The Conquer Club, my 12-month incubator for free, with our Conquer B-School Bonus.

Haven’t heard of The Conquer Club yet?


It’s my year long mentorship experience — part classroom, part implementation incubator, and part community and support system for ambitious entrepreneurs like you.

And, while enrollment usually costs $1,999 we’re offering full access to The Conquer Club for the rest of 2017 FREE as our gift to you when you enroll in B-school through this page.

That means you’ll receive access to all calls, all classes, all office hours with me, and a seat in our tight-knit community for the next 8 months… for $0 with your purchase of B-School.

Inside 8 weeks of B-School, you’ll get the resources you need to build a business you love, including:

– Training in the 6 pillars of online business, so you have everything you need to confidently create a company that runs, sells, and serves your higher purpose — beautifully
– Tactics for connecting with customers who adore you, using the power of compassion (a.k.a. the most powerful business strategy around) so you can be the most authentic, marketable version of yourself
– Tips for captivating new raving fans and buyers the minute they come into contact with your business, just by letting your light shine its brightest, and creating outstanding content, products, and services
– Strategies for turning your website into a money-making machine — including a D.I.Y. WordPress training — without feeling too gross, sales-y, or pushy
– Advanced trainings in social media, sales strategies PR, tech, and much more


Focus on B-School first, and then you get to join us in The Conquer Club for the rest of 2017.

Why am I so confident that this Conquer Club + B-School combo can change the game for you?

Because I’ve been through B-School too. That means I know what you need, when you’ll need it as you’re working through Marie’s program, and the exact tools that can help you make even more progress, faster.

And I also know going through B-school (especially when you’re a part of The Conquer Club too) requires a ton of implementation. You’re going to need to figure out how to put what you learn into practice, every day.

You don’t necessarily need another program once B-School wraps. You need high-level, personalized support. You’ll need answers to the questions you’ll have beyond B-School, help implementing everything you’re learning, and accountability so you stay on track.

That’s the kind of action + implementation mentoring we deliver in The Conquer Club.

But what do we mean by action + implementation?

Here’s what we’ve got waiting for you behind the scenes:


Inside our 100+ on-demand Conquer Classes, you can enhance what you learn in B-School, and dive deeper into topics you want to know more about; from marketing and branding, to systems and sales.

On 20+ hours of calls with me, you’ll get personalized support around whatever it is you’re struggling with in your business, when you’re struggling with it. You can ask all your most specific, in-depth questions — so make sure you come ready to play.

When you join us on the 6 implementation and accountability calls during the whole B-School process, led by our systems guru Kelly Azevedo, you’ll execute the most challenging part of the B-School path: putting it to work in the real world and being held accountable.

Don’t miss our Million Mark Mentor calls, either! These calls are a favorite among Conquer Club members, and are all led by entrepreneurs who’ve passed a million dollars in revenue in their business. They can’t wait to share their wisdom with you. You’ll get a chance to hear from, and chat with, your industry heroes, and meet some new brilliant minds who can’t wait to teach you everything they’ve learned on their road to success.

Behind the doors of our awesome Conquer Club community you’ll meet like-minded souls on the same journey you are (some of whom have been through B-School as well!). This extraordinary group is committed to helping each other out, and providing support on everything from the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, to sharing resources and tools.

Oh – and of course! You’ll get the keys to your own private Mentoring Mastermind group, just for B-School students while the program is underway.

The only thing more incredible than this value are the results they can help you create.

You will not find this level of support anywhere else! We put our heart and soul into helping our B-School Conquer Club Members make the absolute most of the program — so when we say we help you implement, we mean it.

With a powerhouse team of top mentors supporting you, over 100+ additional classes, Million Mark Mentor calls, Office Hours, and a community of entrepreneurs walking the same path as you, you can — and will — achieve your dreams. This is my commitment to you.

Enrolling in B-School and The Conquer Club can completely transform your business, and your life.

I know because I’ve seen it happen time and again, and further down the page you’ll meet some of the entrepreneurs we’ve worked with through The Conquer Club and our B-School bonus offer.

Whether you’re just getting your big dreams off the ground or you’re already established and want to take your business to soaring new heights, this is the rocket ship that will take you where you want to go.

We have your back before B-School even begins.

If you have questions, or need a little help making sure B-School sit her right choice for your business, just email us at theconquerclub@shetakesontheworld.com.

Already know that my Conquer B-School Bonus is perfect for you?

Scroll down and follow the instructions to sign up and let’s get to work! You’ll get instant access to my B-School Mastermind Group, and three bonus tools in the B-School membership site.

You, Marie, and Me = Together, we’ve got this.

To your success,

Natalie MacNeil e-Signature

Meet Natalie

Hi there! In case we haven’t met yet – I’m Natalie MacNeil. I am an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur; author of the wildly popular books The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs and Conquer Your Year, the ultimate planner for entrepreneurs; a globetrotter who has been to over 80 countries; and the Creator of SheTakesOnTheWorld.com, listed by Forbes on “Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs.” Yep, it’s a bit of a mouthful. But the upshot is this: when it comes to entrepreneurship, growth, and sweet freedom, I know my stuff. Don’t just take my word for it though; many top entrepreneurs and thought leaders have praised my work. Elle Magazine calls me “the ultimate self-starting businesswoman.” I’ve mentored and coached thousands of business owners and was even invited to the White House (yes, that White House) to provide mentoring to young entrepreneurs. My expertise has also been featured in the glossy print & digital pages of Glamour, Elle, Inc., Forbes, ForbesWomanWall Street Journal, and CNN. Now, I’d love to share my secrets and strategies with YOU, too, as part of my Conquer B-School Bonus. Enrollment closes March 2nd!


Membership in The Conquer Club,
my business incubator that gives you access to unparalleled mentoring and support for the rest of 2017.

B-School gives you the business foundation and tools you need, and training with one of the top entrepreneurs in the industry.

The Conquer Club gives you the support you need to implement what you learn, take massive action, and keep hitting your goals and milestones all. year. long.

We know it can be challenging to stay on track when everything falls on your shoulders, so we will be holding you accountable and helping you along the way so you can graduate top of the class.

Following B-School, you’ll have access to The Conquer Club for the rest of 2017.


Below is the monthly play-by-play of the Master Classes, live calls and recordings you get inside The Conquer Club after graduating from B-School so you can keep the momentum up. You’ll be able to watch the recordings of the calls we have already held for this year!


Denise Duffield-Thomas

Million Mark Mentor Call Recording with Denise Duffield-Thomas, LuckyBitch.com


Natalie MacNeil

Create Your 12-Month Action Plan for the Year Ahead

Two Office Hours Session Recordings



Lisa Sasevich

Million Mark Mentor Call Recording with Lisa Sasevich, theinvisibleclose.com


Natalie MacNeil

Two Office Hours Session Recordings


Kelly Azevedo

Systems Spring Cleaning – How to keep EVERYTHING in your biz beautifully organized


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Cynthia Durand

Million Mark Mentor Call with Cynthia Durand, PreceptLaw.com


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Kelly Azevedo

Must-Have Client Systems – Build perfect-for-you processes that set boundaries, serve your people, and keep your clients raving about you.


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Nathalie Lussier

Million Mark Mentor Call with Nathalie Lussier, AmbitionAlly.com


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Okay, it’s not really a sabbatical where we’re off but we take a summer break since we run The Conquer Club all year, and our team needs some time to gear up for our busy fall season.


Kelly Azevedo

Soulful Sales Systems – Learn exactly which sales techniques feel in alignment, and inspire an instant YES from your audience.


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Diana House

Million Mark Mentor Call with Diana House, TinyDevotions.com


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Renee Warren

Million Mark Mentor Call with Renee Warren, Onboardly.com


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Kelly Azevedo

Master Your Marketing Systems – Learn exactly how to plan, track, and level up your communications (Bonus: how to track your metrics so you know what’s working)


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Look Back on 2017 with Natalie and Kelly

We’ll reflect on 2017, celebrate your awesome accomplishments, and host the third annual Conquer Awards (broadcast publicly through She Takes on the World to shine a huge spotlight on our members).

That’s not all. You’ll also get four more fabulous bonuses to support you:

Bonus #2

A copy of The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs

We’re going to mail you a copy of my bestselling book The Conquer Kit at the beginning of your B-School experience so you can plan your next 12 months in the most gorgeous business planner you have ever laid eyes on. As one reader says, “OMG it’s like having a business coach in a book!” You’ll sketch, scribble, glue, tape, and write all over its journal-style pages, while developing an airtight business plan with proven strategies and systems for success.

Bonus #3

The Conquer Meditations Album for Entrepreneurs

In addition to being a conquering entrepreneur, I’m a meditation and mudra teacher who has studied with masters and healers from around the world. My top-selling meditation album was created just for ambitious entrepreneurs like you, entrepreneurs who have enormous potential but often struggle with mindset. There are tracks to help you clear obstacles standing in the way of the success you desire, let go of your limiting beliefs, power up your wealth mindset, attract more of your ideal clients, and more.

Bonus #4

B-School Mastermind Group

In my B-School Mentoring Mastermind group, you’ll connect with me + fellow B-Schoolers from my Conquer B-School Bonus. One of our members from last year described this group as a “sanctuary” during B-School since the main B-School group moves really fast. This is a great place for getting additional support, asking questions, getting feedback, and networking. Some of the group members even meet up in person to work on content together, which just makes my heart sing. You’ll make so many incredible new connections with like-minded, like-hearted entrepreneurs walking the same path, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Bonus #5

A copy of Conquer Your Year: The Ultimate Planner to Get More Done, Grow Your Business, and Achieve Your Dreams

Conquer Your Year is a planner designed specifically for achieving goals as an entrepreneur. It’s a strategic blueprint that breaks your boldest goals and dreams down quarter to quarter, week to week, and day to day. With this planner beside you, you’ll be setting and achieving one major mission or goal in your business in 3-month stretches with mind-blowing efficiency. You won’t just be focusing on business building either. This planner is also designed to help you set soul-nourishing goals for your health, happiness, relationships, and experiences.

Like what you’re seeing?
Starting to feel like you’re home?


Now allow me to introduce you to some fellow Conquerors and B-School grads.

Dear Potential B-Schooler:

Just so you know up front, I’m going to gush.  There really is no other way for me to express my appreciation for signing up for B-School through Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer B-School Bonus.  If B-School is the online business education standard, then the Conquer Club teaches you to put the B-School foundation into action.  When you combine the two for your business, you’ll be amazed by what you accomplish.

So here’s my story…I found She Takes on the World and Natalie MacNeil about 2 weeks before the B-School cart opened.  I knew I wanted to sign up through an affiliate bonus, but I felt overwhelmed by all of the options.  Each one seemed better than the next, and I couldn’t decide.  I found She Takes on the World one evening while watching videos on YouTube and immediately connected with Natalie’s perspective and advice. From the videos, it was clear Natalie understood that female entrepreneurs need practical, actionable advice in addition to guidance on uplifting their spirit, trusting their intuition, and making decisions with confidence. Then I learned that through Natalie’s B-School bonus, you receive business guidance for the entire year instead of the few weeks of other bonuses, and my decision was clear. Joining The Conquer Club through B-School was one of my earliest and best business decisions.  If you are clear on setting a great foundation for your business, then join us here in the Club.

Toya Gavin
Law Office of Toya Gavin, LLC

Over the past year, I have been deeply focused on building my company.  This community has been instrumental to my growth. I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH. A HUGE thank you to this community for helping me on my journey.

— Wendy Kotila

I highly recommend working with Natalie MacNeil during any part of your business journey, and especially alongside B-School. During the B-School launch, I saw several bonuses offered by others, and when I mindfully read through what Natalie and her team created I felt a rush of energy and was a complete YES! I loved the additional mentoring support she provided as it made a huge difference in completing the B-School modules each week. I have a tendency to get distracted and procrastinate, however with the regular mentoring calls I made a commitment with myself to stay on top of things so that I could maximize my time with Natalie. Her insights really helped to anchor the concepts and content with ease. And it was extremely helpful to connect personally with mentors who have “been there” and know the ins and outs of this online marketing world (which can seem rather overwhelming), and receive feedback and insights into my own personal business, and the choices I was making. Natalie gave above and beyond what I expected from a mentor (and I have worked with many). I will continue to work with her throughout my journey. 

After completing B-School and working with Natalie through her bonus offer, I have successfully expanded my business, launched and completed my first official online Course in Self Healing with 54 participants, have successfully run 2 retreats that sold out. The momentum I feel is exhilarating and the rush of creativity continues to pour in with grounded clarity. I share my success, excitement and gratitude with YOU so that you may experience massive expansion, success and joy in everything you do, feel and create for the rest of this year.

If you are considering B-School and want to take your experience to the next level, I lovingly suggest working with Natalie!

Tara Antler

I’m an active member in both B-School and The Conquer Club and their trainings have completely transformed my business and life. If you are ready to start getting what you want and rising to your fullest potential, the combination of B-School and The Conquer Club could be just what you need. Natalie is so generous in teaching everything she has learned. A few months after joining The Conquer Club I received a consulting contract that immediately helped me break through the $50K revenue mark I had set as a goal (woohoo!) and my income has continued to steadily increase. I’ve also had some big wins like being featured in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, and the show I produce being picked up for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada (OMG).

Gwen Elliot
Start Strategist and Producer at GwenElliot.com

Not only was The Conquer Club a perfect companion to my B-School education, Natalie’s mentoring and support was critical to my successful completion of B-School. I’m so glad I chose to sign up through Natalie! Having her virtual hand walking me through the steps to implement what I learned is the reason why my Author/Media Personality business started on a firm foundation built for success. I seriously couldn’t have made it through B-School without Natalie and The Conquer Club last year. I highly recommend signing up through Natalie to get both B-School AND The Conquer Club.

Carin Kilby Clark, The Mommyhood Mentor

I had been thinking to take B-School for quite some time to be honest.  At the end of January 2015 I had a light bulb moment. After filing my tax return I realized that my business was just an expensive hobby. So I thought, I either do something to turn it into a real business or I would need to look for a job…. B-School sounded like a good choice. So I spent a few days researching bonuses people were offering and had made up my mind. No, it wasn’t Natalie… but I kept stumbling upon her. Choosing her bonus was the BEST decision I’ve ever made! Right now I don’t remember what made me decide but everything that she promised, she delivered, and over delivered to be exact! It’s a fabulous community of like-minded entrepreneurs, plus the team is superb! Every question gets answered. When they say they will support you, they really do. You don’t need to struggle alone. Conquer Club is a true business incubator. The best proof, I just did my year-end summary and I have tripled my revenue in 2015! Wooohoo! Thanks to The Conquer Club’s in-house systems expert Kelly, I have my business systematized and running smoothly. Natalie inspired me to start meditating too, and her Office Hours are the best! I’m so EXCITED to be part of Conquer Club in 2016 again. Thanks a billion for creating such amazing program and community! Now let’s conquer the world.

Anna Langa, Digital Glam

B-School through Natalie has exceeded all my expectations. I think I wasn’t even prepared for what The Conquer Club had to offer when I joined. I joined through Natalie because I felt so much inspiration from her videos and advice, but I actually didn’t know what The Conquer Club was. Now I’m a member in 2016 too. I couldn’t conceive 2016 without this group of amazing women entrepreneurs and really cool and professional teachers to guide me along the way.
Don’t think it twice 😉

Marta Larrad
, martalarrad.com

Wow Natalie! You really go above and beyond. I truly appreciate this. I have got more out of the Conquer Club than 1:1 coaching before. The whole team of mentors do an amazing job. I’m excited to say that over the last four months my profit has tripled!! My income is now covering all our living expenses and private school fees whilst my husband grows his real estate business. HOLY CRAP!! Dreams coming true all over the place. My clients are happy and I’ve been implementing systems to keep on top of the growing work load. I can’t believe how much has changed since doing Conquer Club!

Nicole Leonti

B-School offered a wonderful foundation for starting my online business. It also triggered this creativity button in my brain, but I wasn’t sure just how to launch and do all the things I wanted to do. That’s where Natalie came in! She helped to put that B-School creativity and knowledge into action. If you are like me, needing coaching and help tailoring what you’re learning in B-School to your personal business, then Natalie’s B-School bonus is perfect for you. I chose Natalie for the next step of my business because of her experience and her soul. Not only will you have support for the rest of this year, but she helps boost your mindset through meditation and EFT to help remove any subconscious blocks.

Dr. Heather Paulson, Founder of The Paulson Center

I’d been ‘following’ Natalie for a while when I heard about the B-School bonus. In fact, it was on my wish list to join The Conquer Club at some point so when I saw her bonus I didn’t think twice. It was exactly what I was looking for as the two programmes complement each other so perfectly and to be honest, Natalie just came across as such a lovely person.

Natalie’s Conquer Club gives you continuous support when you need it most. Throughout the year Natalie and her team of mentors deliver above and beyond to provide training, answers, and support as you work on your business. That meant I continued to learn so much, and I honestly believe that I side-stepped a lot of the mistakes I could’ve made if I’d ‘gone it alone’.  Not only that but I connected with so many incredible Conquerors who have all genuinely got each other’s backs. It’s like having your own support system in your back pocket. I know you might think this is cliché but the support really is that good,  and I even went on to win at the Conquer Awards Natalie hosts for the community, which was just incredible. So yes, I’d recommend The Conquer Club. I loved it so much I signed up for 2016 too!

Barbara Nixon, www.barbaranixon.co.uk

I was thrilled when I saw Conquer Club as a B-School bonus. I remember thinking I hit the jackpot! Conquer Club is the perfect complement to B-School. It provided me with extra support throughout my B-School journey– a tight knit community of women who were there for support, accountability, idea bouncing, and an added bonus, friendship! And to this day, several of those women are my closest business buddies. I finally had a community of women who just “got it” when the rest of my support system couldn’t fully fathom the online world. I would not be where I am today without the support I received. Now that’s just a tiny glimpse at what you get. You also get teaching, calls, worksheets, assignments, videos, and the list goes on! My favorite part has been the group coaching calls with Natalie. I can still remember the call where she personally reviewed my website. One pointer she gave about my opt-in offer completely shifted my business! The feedback she gave on that call I am STILL working on! She will really tell you which direction you need to take to see success in your business, and always gives personalized advice. I signed back up for 2016 and hope to see you ladies in the club soon!

Kate Crocco, Mindset & Confidence Coaching

My income has doubled! This month and last have been the best ever in my business, and I am so darn grateful. Thank you for all the resources and support you are constantly giving in the Conquer Club!

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

It feels like a bit of a miracle that I signed up to B-School through Natalie. It took me two years to commit to B-School and I wouldn’t have been truly prepared for it if it hadn’t been for the bonus you offered Natalie. The practical support in the coaching calls and the live cheerleading from the Facebook group offered a foundation of clarity that carried me through B-School. And that was really just the beginning. I was able to funnel all that momentum into The Conquer Club once B-School wrapped up, which has helped me further refine and define who I am and what I want to offer the world. At the time I had no idea what an integral part of my planning and self-discovery it would become. Thank you! Looking forward to my sophomore year.

Tami Ross, Word of Mouth Media

I found Natalie MacNeil and The Conquer Club in what I can only describe as a twist of fate.  I was set to join B-School 2015 and had another bonus program picked out. The night before the cart opened for B-School, I discovered The Conquer Club.  I instantly fell in love with the idea of the year-long business incubator that Natalie’s program offers. I watched all the past episodes of She Takes on the World TV and knew quickly that I found this program for a reason. As someone who was completely new to online marketing and building an online business, having the extra support after B-School finished was amazing. Natalie genuinely cares about every member of The Conquer Club and has created a supportive community of women like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The monthly calls with Kelly, Natalie and the rest of the mentors are invaluable as you implement everything you learn in B-School. They take the time to offer individual support that you can apply directly to your business. Beyond that, they help you put processes in place with tips and challenges, and provide accountability and check-ins that never feel generic or cookie cutter. Everything they provide is highly actionable and applicable to people at many different stages of their business.  It’s because of The Conquer Club that I’ve been able to implement changes into my business to create something that is more aligned with what I want for my future. It’s through the support of the community that I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would such as speaking at workshops, creating webinars and getting ready to create my first online course. I am so happy to be in The Conquer Club again for 2016 and be able to work with these amazing women as we continue to raise each other up and accomplish even more in our businesses. The Conquer Club has been the best investment I’ve made not only in my business but also in myself.

Kristyn Bango, Puro Company

I have B-School friends who did more courses and invested in more support for their businesses to keep the B-School momentum, and all of what they invested in was covered in The Conquer Club! I am really grateful for everything Natalie provided her B-School group with for the rest of the year beyond B-School.

Julia Wells, juliawellsness.com

With one-on-one coaching you only get one person’s experience and expertise. Here in the Conquer Club you get access to 12+ monthly specialized experts, plus Kelly Azevedo and Natalie MacNeil of course, AND many of the members are also subject matter experts. When you get stuck, you can reach out and you’ll get a TON of support from your mentors and fellow members to help you move forward. In my opinion, Conquer Club and the format far outweighs the one-on-one model!

Karley Cunningham

I joined B-School through Natalie’s bonus offer and it was the BEST decision I made all year! I started B-School as a total newbie to the online business world and was grateful for the solid foundation it provided. It helped me narrow down my ideal client, create my first opt-in offer and hire an awesome web designer.

Building on the knowledge I gained from B-school, Natalie’s Conquer Club truly gave me the tools and support I needed to move forward in my business. The monthly mentor calls, systems calls, and Office Hours were packed with value. And the Facebook community felt like home.

You know those Facebook groups where you post a question and feel like you’re invisible? That NEVER happens in the Conquer Club! The group is always SO welcoming and generous with their feedback and expertise.

By the end of the year I launched my website, ran 4 successful workshops in my community and enrolled a few new 1:1 clients in my program. The momentum continues to build and I know I have the Conquer Club supporting me each step of the way.

If you’re considering B-School and want to truly maximize your experience, I highly recommend Natalie’s Conquer Club! I love it so much, I decided to stay on for another year!

Orly Wachter
The Skincare Dietitian

Hear STRAIGHT from our members

We have worked with hundreds of Conquerors from around the world to help them get more clients, make more money, have more time for what matters most, and be more of who they were born to be. Don’t just take our word for it though. Hear straight from our members about their experiences in The Conquer Club and The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind + Conquer Live Retreat:

I’ve been wanting to tell you what a beautiful program you’ve set up. I’ve been in other programs that are near the same price point… but nothing else even comes close to what I get inside The Conquer Club. Every part of my business is nurtured, and you are always there.”


“With Natalie’s guidance I wrote my book proposal… and was offered a contract.”


“I had so many ideas rolling around in my brain, and I was trying to do too much. One of the things you helped me with was scaling it down and being more clear, but providing a lot of value with fewer moving parts. Joining The Conquer Club was the best decision I have made in a long time. Even though I have a lot of experience, The Conquer Club and working with you… it’s the absolute reason why my business has shifted to a whole new realm.”

— jamie broderick, network now

“The most important part of a community is that you can be yourself and you can be open in the group, and that’s something The Conquer Club has. You get to know people on a deeper level… These are the people I belong with, and understand me like nobody else does. In The Conquer Club you will finally find your tribe.”


“The retreat has definitely been the thing I loved most about The Conquer Club. That’s made such a difference to me this year. And that’s when things really started to sort things out in my mind.”

— lucy may, the organic cookery school

Take a deep breath, and let’s do this together.

***Important! When you click the button below, you’ll be taken to the official B-School registration page to check out. Sign up by following the instructions on the registration page and once you’re done, email your receipt to my team at theconquerclub@shetakesontheworld.com to claim the bonus offer and get started in my B-School Mentoring Mastermind group right away.***

Disclaimer: As a proud partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School, She Takes on the World Inc. earns a referral fee for each person who enrolls in B-School through our link. That’s why we’re able to offer you such an incredible bonus package. We never recommend anything we don’t 100% stand by, and B-School is something we have invested in ourselves.

While every effort has been made to accurately represent The Conquer Club program, there is no guarantee that you will earn money when you join The Conquer Club. The examples and strategies presented throughout The Conquer Club and this website are not a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person utilizing the training, strategies, tools and resources provided. Earning potential is also dependent on what stage of business a person is at, and how many hours a person works on their business. We cannot guarantee your success or income level, and we are not responsible for any of the actions you take during The Conquer Club. If you have any questions please contact our customer support team at theconquerclub@shetakesontheworld.com.