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In this FREE training and Q&A, Marie Forleo joins me to share the secrets and strategies that have helped her build her empire. Want to know the 3 apps she can’t run her business without? You’ll find out in the training. Curious how Marie would start a new business with only $500? Her answer might surprise you! I know you’re going to love this, and walk away with wisdom you can act on immediately. Plus, you’ll get some value-packed free gifts when you sign up for the training, including worksheets and meditations from my album.  Sign up below and we’ll get this party started!

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In this recorded session, Marie and I talk about the early days of her business, how she got to where she is, and her advice for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. She’ll also give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how she structures her day to set herself up for massive success.


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Who the heck are
Natalie MacNeil
and Marie Forleo?

Hi! In case we haven’t met yet – I’m Natalie MacNeil; Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, bestselling author of She Takes on the World and The Conquer Kit, and founder of The Conquer Club. Yep, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but the upshot is this: When it comes to building a successful business, I know my stuff. I’ve worked with thousands of business owners, and was even invited to mentor young entrepreneurs at the White House (yes, that White House).

Who’s Marie Forleo? You probably already know the answer to that, but if you don’t Marie Forleo is the founder of a multi-million dollar empire that includes MarieTV and B-School. She has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers around the world, and has been featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as a “next generation thought leader.” It’s an honor to have Marie joining me live for Prep School this year because I know you’re gonna learn a lot.

“During the B-School launch I saw several bonuses being offered, and when I joined Natalie for her free training and I mindfully read through what she was offering as a bonus, I felt a rush of energy and was a complete YES! I loved the mentoring support she provided and it made a HUGE difference in completing the B-School modules each week. Her insights really helped to anchor the concepts and content with ease. Natalie gave above and beyond what I expected out of a mentor (and I have worked with many). Fast forward two years and I am still working with Natalie on my journey today. If you are considering B-School and want to take your experience to the next level, I lovingly suggest working with her too!”

Tara Antler

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Full disclosure: As a partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School, I earn a commission for each person I refer and that’s why I’m able to offer a super valuable bonus. I never recommend programs I haven’t tried, and B-School is something I’ve personally invested in and totally believe in.