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179 Story Ideas, Dates and Hooks for Publicity that Attracts Your Ideal Clients & Customers

Have you noticed how certain individuals have skyrocketed in their careers, gotten great press, and become the darlings of their industries?

They’re admired, respected, and highly sought after.

People are so thrilled to have an opportunity to work with them — they never question their prices. 

Others line up to pay big money, just to get a small piece of them in their online programs. 

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Want to know the fastest way to become known (and respected) by lots of people?

It’s getting the publicity that creates industry buzz — and gets your ideal customers and clients talking about you. 

Now you’re probably wondering…“How do I get those kinds of opportunities? What would I even say?” 

Let me reveal to you the EXACT stories the media (and your customers) want to hear — and WHEN to pitch them. 

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