Give me a year, and I’ll give you the business and life OF YOUR DREAMS.



Natalie MacNeil’s year-long incubator and live, group coaching experience for ambitious entrepreneurs like you.

We know you’ve got big dreams. So we’ve created exactly what you need to get big results.

Whether you’re ready to hit your revenue goals, build and launch your signature program, expand your brick and mortar empire, become a media darling, leverage your business to travel the world, or something else entirely… we’re right behind you, and we’re here to help you CONQUER.


Right here.
Right now.
You have a choice to make:

The choice to do things the way you’ve always done them in your business,
and try to move mountains on your own…

… Or to finally work with your dream team of mentors, who will move mountains with you and help you implement, grow, and become the entrepreneur you set out to be when you started your business.

The choice to get sucked back into “promise the moon” programs that only overwhelm you, and clutter your hard drive…

… Or to get hands-on, personalized coaching for the next 12 months that will keep you in action and FINALLY bring your big dreams into reality.

… But I know why you might feel resistant.

You’ve probably already invested in books, programs, events, and trainings that you thought would help you see results, but left you feeling stuck instead (with 0 help to get out of your rut.)

I say: It’s time you finally made that money back – and then some.
That’s what I’m here to help you do.

After all: You deserve to build a beautifully profitable business that works and scales on your terms — without forcing yourself to walk someone else’s path.

If you’ve had trouble taking action and seeing results, please know: you are certainly not alone.

You were probably so busy working and serving your tribe and those dream clients you always wanted, you had 0 time to test out what you were learning.

Or maybe you tried, struggled, and the overwhelm sent you straight back into your old patterns.

Then, another year flew by, then another.

You watch other businesses grow, scale, and thrive.

You wonder: “When is it my time?”

Today is the day all of that can change. Your time has come, and the next move is yours to make.

What if…

Instead of being left to your own devices… You had a hands-on mentor who could look at your business and tell you what to do next at every step?

What if…

You could make your investment on an (un)program back in the first month of signing up?

What if…

You could get a massive return on every last dollar you ever spent in the past on branding, campaigns, and, yes, online courses? (Now THAT’S what I call getting your money back.)

If you’re finally ready to transform your business, and start making the money and major moves you deserve:

Welcome home.

Welcome to the UNprogram you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome to your real next step.


Hi! In case we haven’t met yet – I’m Natalie MacNeil, Emmy® Award-Winning Media Entrepreneur & Founder of THE CONQUER CLUB.

I’m also the author of the wildly popular planning books for entrepreneurs The Conquer Kit and Conquer Your Year (Perigee imprint of Penguin Random House), a globetrotter (I’ve been to about 100 countries), and the Creator of She Takes on the World has been listed by Forbes on “Top 10 Sites for Women Entrepreneurs” and listed by ForbesWoman on “Top 100 Websites for Women.”

Yep, that’s a bit of a mouthful. But the upshot is this: when it comes to entrepreneurship and achieving big dreams, I know my stuff. In fact, I’ve mentored and coached thousands of business owners and was even invited to the White House (yes, that White House) to provide mentoring to young entrepreneurs. My expertise has also been featured in the glossy print & digital pages of Glamour, EllePeople StyleWatch, Inc., Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN,, TIME, and Mashable. Now, I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing my secrets and strategies with YOU, too, in The Conquer Club 2017.

Inside The Conquer Club, you’ll experience 12 months of pure business transformation, cocooned in the soulful support you need to soar, including:

100+ Conquer Classes available on demand

On everything from marketing and launching, to financial advice, legal support, and beyond — whenever you need them. (Feeling a little overwhelmed by that number? Don’t worry, we have a “track system” in place so you are guided through the classes that will best serve your business and current goals.)

6 Million Mark Mentoring Calls

With a rolodex of experts you know and love, who’ve all passed the million-dollar revenue mark in their businesses, and want to show you exactly how they did it. Most of these mentors don’t even do coaching calls outside The Conquer Club!

20 Office Hour Calls with me

Get your questions answered in real time, get feedback, celebrate your wins, share your challenges, and beyond.

6 Live Systems Support Calls With Group Challenges to Hold You Accountable

Put what you’re learning to work and be held accountable with our in-house systems genius, Kelly Azevedo.

A thriving Facebook community

That you can turn to 24-7 for support from myself, Kelly, and the entire Conquer community.

A one-of-a-kind curriculum

That shifts and flows according to the needs of our members. We’re here to give you everything you need – not just the tools we assume you’d want.

And in the Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind?
The experience goes even deeper.

Small accountability mastermind groups

You’ll be very intentionally matched with a group of peers at your level of business to support each other throughout the year.

8 “Get It Done Days” with Natalie and Kelly

A “Get It Done Day” is a day-long virtual workshop where you’ll be working with one of us for a full day alongside your mastermind group to drive a major project or goal forward.

A ticket to our 2-day Conquer LIVE retreat in Napa, California

For 2 days of expansion, strategy, sumptuous self-care, meditation, visioning, and more with fellow Conquerors. June 5th – 7th, 2017.

You don’t need another hard-to-reach “mentor” who puts their bottom line over your results.

You need someone who’s been where you are, who’s broken through their own cycles to scale up to a million dollar business, and lived through the trial and error — so you don’t have to.

That’s why me and our community manager Kelly, as well as our amazing mentors, support you all year through live calls and coaching.

(Because that’s what you need, and that’s the kind of support that can make dreams reality.)

We’re not here to lead you from a distance. We’re down in the trenches right beside you, to give you the advice, direction, and tools that will get you where you want to be.

Our members aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. We keep our community intentionally smaller than other communities online to make sure you get the attention you need. Every one of our Conquerors is committed to showing up for themselves and their community — and their energy is contagious.

The secret to our success = our highly customized group coaching, hot seats, and direct access to powerhouse mentors who don’t usually do coaching. The team and I make it our job to know you and your business personally, so we can give you the absolute best support possible.

When you show up and do the work – we show up and do the same.
Why? Because we’re completely obsessed with your success.

Are you starting to nod your head?
Is this starting to sound like everything you’ve been looking for?

Then join us and spend a year coaching with me and your A-team of mentors, jamming with our powerhouse community, and reaching your goals with your treasure chest of on-demand resources.

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum has already helped hundreds of Conquerors across countless industries attract more clients, make more money, build systems that reduce your stress levels and feeling of overwhelm, and have more time for what matters most.

Now, it’s your turn.

What makes The Conquer Club different than anything else out there?

  • We’ve taken the “waiting game” out of the equation. No waiting for the “right week” to dive into the training you really want. No waiting for the “right moment” to squeeze in your question on a group call. It’s our job to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, with the support required to implement it.
  • We are NOT a program. We’re an incubator + ecosystem for entrepreneurs, with a thriving global community and team of mentors ready to give you the support and advice you need as you execute your strategies throughout the year.
  • We’re basically the Netflix of next-level business trainings, which allows you to access the exact trainings you want the second you need them from our library of over 100 Conquer Classes. Ready to start writing content that converts? Build a launch sequence? Create a funnel and marketing campaign for your product? Start your public speaking career? There’s a class for all of those and more — and you can dive straight in whenever you’re ready to.
  • Hands-on, personalized group coaching is our lifeblood in The Conquer Club, as it’s proven to work better than 1-1 coaching (according to our members who have spent thousands on individual support before The Conquer Club. You’ll hear from them further down the page.)
  • I’m on live video calls with you every month to give you the support and feedback you really need. The Conquer Club is my #1 offering, so I set aside time specifically to get to know Conquer Club members, your businesses, and your goals — so I can give you the absolute best help possible.
  • We’re dedicated to really getting to know each member and their business so we can offer the specific support you won’t get anywhere else. This is why we don’t offer lifetime access (though you can download every class immediately, and join us the following year at a nominal rate. Many of our members come back year after year!) This guarantees our Conquerors aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet – we know all of your names, your businesses, and your dreams by heart.
  • We won’t leave you alone to implement the strategies you learn from our Conquer Classes. We help you apply those ideas and tools to your business with implementation strategy and support from Community Manager and in-house systems guru Kelly Azevedo.
  • We want you to have access to, and learn from, multiple teachers and experts instead of just one person. A team of mentors is ideal for growth, and you need different perspectives to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Our goal achievement “tracks” help you focus, and hit your goals faster. Everything you need to know is laid out for you, step by step, with a checklist of our relevant content and Conquer Classes, plus your next steps, to hit your specific goal.
  • The Million Mark Mentoring Calls (new in 2017) offer behind-the-scenes insight from the thought leaders you love who run million-dollar businesses. They’re candid chats with me and my closest business friends, collaborators and mastermind partners, who’ve all passed the million-dollar revenue mark in their businesses, and are still growing. Some of these leaders don’t even offer coaching outside The Conquer Club! Even if you don’t want to hit the million mark in your own business, there’s huge value in an unprecedented look behind-the-scenes of a journey from 0 to a million. These calls are truly priceless. You’ll meet our Million Mark Mentors in just a minute!

And because you’re with us for the whole year, you can take it all at your own pace.

Month by month, we’ll work together to make your big vision board dreams happen.


The Conquer Club Mentors and I have created the ultimate on-demand and personalized business building UNprogram.

(And we’re so happy to meet you.)

Since 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs have their best year of business ever.

The secret to all this success? We listen. We care. We get to know you. And we’re as invested in you as you are in us.

Our members agree: It’s a group program with a one-on-one feel. While the team and I can review your site, sales sequence, marketing materials, etc. the way we would for private clients, doing it at a group level benefits everyone.

Mentor and member Karley Cunningham says: “With one-on-one coaching you only get one person’s experience and expertise… When you get stuck here, you can reach out and get a ton of support from your mentors and fellow members to help you move forward. In my opinion, The Conquer Club and the format far outweigh the one-on-one model.”

We hear from our students all the time that they get help they didn’t know they needed on every call – because they couldn’t formulate the question, or didn’t realize they needed to shift something. That’s the power of tight-knit group coaching – it helps you make big moves, faster.

That’s why The Conquer Club mentors and community can help you hit any goal for your business, including…

  • Getting more media attention
  • Building a powerful team
  • Creating and launching your signature program
  • Marketing your product to get it out into the world
  • Rocking your first 6 figures
  • Growing your community into a global phenomenon
  • and more…

… Because we’ve been there, we know how your business works, and we can support you step-by-step to make it happen.

Have a ton of ideas, but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you pin down exactly where to begin, so you can start moving forward.

Over the past year, I have been deeply focused on building my company.  This community has been instrumental to my growth. I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH. A HUGE thank you to this community for helping me on my journey.

— Wendy Kotila

But wait – before we continue.

Do 100+ classes, over 30 live calls, an endless treasure chest of resources and personalized feedback, and direct support from myself and the community feel a little… overwhelming?

We know overwhelm can be a problem for busy entrepreneurs like you, and we’ve got your back.

This is why we have a Community Manager who is also a systems and implementation guru to help you conquer your overwhelm. Kelly has worked behind-the-scenes of more than a few 7-figure business owners you admire. Now she’s putting her implementation prowess to work in your business.

The Conquer Club isn’t built as a “one size fits all” experience. You don’t have to attend every call, or go through every class — just the ones that align with your goals. Everything is recorded for you to access anytime, or download to your computer or mobile device. You are more than welcome to pop onto a live call, get the coaching you need, and then hop off.

(But our calls are soooo good we know you’ll try to stick around. 😉 )

We’ve also gone the extra mile to organize the bulk of our classes into specific tracks, which will give you the exact steps, systems, and strategies you need depending on your goal.

And remember that we’re by your side for a full year (PLUS 6 bonus weeks to finish 2016 strong) for a reason: 1 year is the ideal timeline to transform your business and your life in radical, permanent ways, with amazing results.

We are the only virtual incubator of our kind.

It takes a (virtual) village to bring your deepest desires and boldest goals to life. That’s what we’ve created in The Conquer Club.

I find it impossible to put Natalie MacNeil and The Conquer Club into words. This gives me a mini panic attack seeing that ‘finding words’ is literally my job. Natalie, you have a Conqueror for life in me. I owe so much of what I’ve been able to do to being in this community.

If I had to pick one life-changing aspect of The Conquer Club, I’d say that it’s some kind of magic ability you have to make us feel like REAL business owners. Ones who deserve immense success, media attention, book deals, mega bucks launches, teams…No more “imposter syndrome”. I’ve never felt so much like a boss and a woman who is literally taking on (or maybe taking over) the world. I’d have given up by now if it weren’t for you.

— Courtney Johnston, Chief Rebel + Copywriter at

Working with Natalie has been like having a strategist, cheerleader and trusted friend all in one. I signed up to work with her despite not having followed her for very long, and it has been one of the best personal and business decisions to date. 

This year, I doubled previous enrollment numbers, and doubled my list. 

I have also undertaken a complete rebrand and enrolled a multiple six figure premium program, truly taking my business to new heights.

I attribute much of my success to Natalie’s unwavering support and strategic mind, which has helped me take my business to the next level of success. 

Natalie helps me to unlock what is possible in my business and to structure a plan to achieve it.

— Kathryn Hocking, Founder of eCourse Launch Formula at

Like what you’re seeing?
Starting to feel like you’re home?


You can choose from one of two 2017 membership tiers that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs radically transform their lives and businesses.


The Conquer Club Online Experience


The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind

Membership Tier #1: The Conquer Club Online Experience

All members have access to The Conquer Club Online Experience that runs from the first week of January until December 2017. You’re also getting 6 bonus weeks of membership this year so we can help you finish 2016 on a high note!

The Monthly Play by Play Inside The Conquer Club

Here’s a look at our schedule for 2017 so you know what you can look forward to. Can’t make a live class? No worries – you’ll get high quality recordings of every session and call, yours to keep forever.


Denise Duffield-Thomas

Million Mark Mentor Call with Denise Duffield-Thomas,


Natalie MacNeil

Create Your 12-Month Action Plan for the Year Ahead

Two Live Office Hours Sessions



Lisa Sasevich

Million Mark Mentor Call with Lisa Sasevich,


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Kelly Azevedo

Systems Spring Cleaning – How to keep EVERYTHING in your biz beautifully organized


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Cynthia Durand

Million Mark Mentor Call with Cynthia Durand,


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Kelly Azevedo

Must-Have Client Systems – Build perfect-for-you processes that set boundaries, serve your people, and keep your clients raving about you.


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Nathalie Lussier

Million Mark Mentor Call with Nathalie Lussier,


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Okay, it’s not really a sabbatical where we’re off but we take a summer break since we run The Conquer Club all year, and our team needs some time to gear up for our busy fall season.


Kelly Azevedo

Soulful Sales Systems – Learn exactly which sales techniques feel in alignment, and inspire an instant YES from your audience.


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Diana House

Million Mark Mentor Call with Diana House,


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Renee Warren

Million Mark Mentor Call with Renee Warren,


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Kelly Azevedo

Master Your Marketing Systems – Learn exactly how to plan, track, and level up your communications (Bonus: how to track your metrics so you know what’s working)


Natalie MacNeil

Two Live Office Hours Sessions


Look Back on 2017 with Natalie and Kelly

We’ll reflect on 2017, celebrate your awesome accomplishments, and host the third annual Conquer Awards (broadcast publicly through She Takes on the World to shine a huge spotlight on our members).

100+ Conquer Classes Available On Demand

In addition to our live coaching calls throughout the 12 months, Conquer Club members have on-demand access to over 100 Conquer Classes that we’ve developed over the years, so you have resources and support for whatever block you’re experiencing, or goal you’re working toward. We are always creating new classes to serve the needs of our members so you can expect this library to continue to grow.

Here are a few of our most popular Conquer Classes, and a few coming up in 2017:

Clearly Communicate With Your Dream Clients

Taught by Nikki Elledge Brown

3 Secrets to Building a Soulful Brand

Taught by Cerries Mooney

Create a 12-Month Content Plan That Crushes Writer’s Block

Taught by Maggie Patterson

Boost Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Taught by Kylie Patchett

Tools & Tech for Creating Videos

Taught by Kelly Azevedo

Your 12 Month Make-It-Happen Map

Taught by Natalie MacNeil

How to Clone Yourself

Taught by Amber McCue

Winning Sales Strategies for Product Based Businesses

Taught by Ana Manzano

Plan Your Book from Idea to First Draft

Taught by Kris Emery

Convert Leads into Clients

Taught by Yasmine Khater

Systems for Closing More Clients

Taught by Kelly Azevedo

The Art of Asking for the Sale

Taught by Lorraine Hamilton

How to Get Started as a Professional Speaker

Taught by Pamela Slim

Create a Client Welcome System

Taught by Kelly Azevedo

The Interview Process for a Potential Hire

Taught by Kelly Azevedo

How to Get Found by Potential Customers Online

Taught by Victoria Klein

Conquer Your Finances

Taught by She Takes on the World CFO Julia Jenner

Step-By-Step Outline for a New Website

Taught by Rachel Shillcock

Building or Revamping Your Site to Attract Your Perfect Customer

Taught by Kelly Azevedo

Create Your Launch Email Sequence

Taught by Nicky Leonti

Writing Your Sales Page Copy

Taught by Courtney Johnston

Designing a Sales Page That Converts

Taught by Amanda Genther

Setting Yourself Up for Landing Media Features

Taught by Gwen Elliot

Protecting Your Business Legally

Taught by Gena Jaffe

The monthly Office Hours have fast become one of my favourite parts of the whole Conquer Club experience. I’ve worked 1-to-1 with coaches, I’ve been in a group mastermind and nothing comes close to what I’ve learned through Office Hours with Natalie.

She has such an infectiously positive attitude that you can’t help but feel lifted up by getting to spend a little time with her and you will always learn something new. The point of Office Hours is to fire questions at Natalie that you need help with. And you’ll find that you resonate with so many questions asked by others during Office Hours. I’ve lost count of the amount of questions that have ended up directly helping me with a problem I didn’t even fully realise I had until it was asked by somebody else. I also love how supportive everybody is during the Office Hours time. The community is amazing – my favourite on the whole internet!

The best thing about Office Hours is that you get to ask questions on pretty much any business related subject. Whether it’s feedback on your website, an opt-in or more in-depth, specific business questions – or even impromptu questions on facing your fears or asking about meditations and mudras for anxiety – Natalie has you more than covered, offering an unwavering amount of support, help, guidance and inspiration.

— Rachel Shillcock, Web Designer at

Now picture this: it’s June of 2017.
You’ve laid some great foundational work for your business,
and taken huge strides toward your goals.

BUT, you want to keep up your momentum, and take your success even further.

So we want to give you the chance to go deeper,
conquer your biggest blocks, and break your boldest goals down into your next best steps.

I want to invite you to consider joining me in The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind tier of membership, and attend Conquer Live, a two-day business retreat on a spacious, picture-perfect ranch in beautiful Napa, California June 5th to 7th, 2017.

Your life and business will never be the same after being part of The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind and Conquer Live experience.

Membership Tier #2: The Conquer Club Inner Circle MASTERMIND + Conquer LIVE Retreat in NAPA VALLEY


At this exclusive membership tier you’ll get full access to The Conquer Club Online Experience, and our highly-anticipated retreat in Napa Valley, California.

Every Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind member will be placed in a private Mastermind Group with fellow Inner Circle members, based on where you are in your business, and your goals. This is your safe space to work at a higher level, give and receive advice, and share your wins.

You’ll also get access to “Get it Done Days” every six weeks, which are full-day virtual workshops hosted by myself or Kelly, to help you hit your goals faster and get the feedback you need to pass your milestones.

Pause the tape here.

Let’s talk about the magic of the Get it Done Days.

These 8-hour intensive days are designed to help you get laser focused on completing a specific goal on your list; like writing a sales page, optimizing (or creating) a funnel, mapping out a strategy for your next launch, setting up foundational systems that can save you time and money, or preparing to take on a new team member.

Kelly or I will be “in the room” with you and your mastermind peers on a video conference call, offering direct personal feedback and ideas to take your concepts (and results) to the next level.

Here’s how the Get it Done Days work:

We run Get it Done Days every 6 weeks, and each one lasts about 8 hours.

The goal? To help you cross one massive to-do off your list, with feedback and support from us over video chat. Not only will this move your business forward, but this method of working will also help you stay motivated, and excited about the momentum you’re creating for your business in the Conquer Club.

But fair warning: we will be getting up close and personal with our Inner Circle members.

Kelly or I will be available to you all day to offer support with action steps, strategies, and accountability you need to achieve your goals. You can hop on the line to get feedback, and then hop off and implement what we discussed. Then you hop back on and we can review it again. It’s like working with us in-person for a day, and it. is. powerful.

If we know you could be working smarter, streamlining a system, or moving in a different, better direction – we’ll let you know. And nothing will be held back.

Here’s a peek at what you could achieve based on what some of our Inner Circle members have completed during Get it Done Days:

  • Starting and finishing a short sales page that’s ready for launch
  • Rethinking their website design, to create the perfect platform to attract more readers, customers, and subscribers
  • Starting a Facebook Ads campaign (this is especially tricky with Facebook’s algorithm for businesses; so we give you extra support with this!)
  • Crafting a job description for a new team member, getting interview tips, and opening the doors for applicants to apply
  • Designing a new on-boarding system for when new subcontractors or full-time members join the team
  • … and more.

I’ll also share so many high-level strategies and secrets with the Inner Circle Mastermind, you’ll be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to attend these sessions.

If you want to discover exactly how I’ve grown my business past 7 figures, landed my dream book deals, attracted major media opportunities, executed massive launches and ad campaigns, and built an A-team so that you can apply everything I have learned to your business, THIS IS THE MEMBERSHIP TIER FOR YOU.

After months in The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind, putting top level strategies to work in your business, you’ll have the chance to get more deeply involved with us at the leadership and mastery level too.

(In fact, many of our superstar mentors are straight out of our own brilliant community of Conquerors.)

After the Conquer Live Retreat, your life and business will never be the same.

From June 5th to 7th you’ll expand your big vision and do the energetic work to clear any blocks that may be holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. This retreat is all about accelerating + supporting your path to success, while also giving you space to stretch yourself personally and dive deep within. As I always say, personal growth and business growth go hand in hand. On our retreat, you’ll get a beautiful blend of both.


I’ll work with you to create a powerful strategic plan for your business to head into the second half of 2017, based on the foundational groundwork you’ve already done. Back by popular demand, we will do a number of hot seats for our participants so you walk away with exactly what you came for.


You’ll have opportunities to get feedback and learn from some of our Conquer Mentors and guest experts present with us at the retreat. We promise you’ll walk away feeling amplified to the core of your being and totally ready to take on the world.


I’ll also lead meditation and mudra classes, and we’ll be doing a sound healing session and practicing an ancient form of divine martial arts. All activities are optional so you are free to choose your own adventure here. These sessions are meant to nourish your soul and help you clear any blocks that may be holding you back, elevate your energy, and fully embrace the power you hold to manifest your deepest desires and boldest vision for your life and business. I have hosted retreats for years now, and many who join us say the personal growth work is their favorite part of the experience because they clear blocks they never even knew were holding them back. Many of our retreat-goers return year after year.

AND… IF YOUR REVENUE IS OVER $500,000 USD, I am honored to be hosting an exclusive Retreat with Sir Richard Branson on his private island. Is that you?

(verifiable revenue over $500,000 USD IS REQUIRED)

The Collective is a mastermind group of high performing entrepreneurs who use their profits to make a difference in the world. This group will come together for the first annual Collective Retreat featuring Sir Richard Branson and benefiting Virgin Unite, the not-for-profit foundation of Virgin Group and the Branson Family. If you have verifiable revenue over $500,000 and are interested in joining this exclusive group, please contact our team at to request an application.

Not quite at the $500,000 revenue mark? Join us in The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind and we will be by your side sharing everything we know as you grow your revenue and expand your brand. Being part of The Collective 2018 is also a great goal to work toward to keep you motivated all year long!

Getting excited to join us in The Conquer Club? It’s time to pick the membership tier that aligns with what you want to achieve in 2017.

Here’s a breakdown of what our two membership tiers include so you can choose the option that best aligns with your 2017 vision.

Conquer Club Online Incubator Experience 2017

Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind PLUS Conquer Live Retreat

Over 100 on-demand Conquer Classes, with expert mentors you know + love. PLUS implementation team members are ready and waiting to answer your questions in the Facebook group.


Office Hours with me, at two different times per month to accommodate every time zone. Get your most important, business-specific questions answered personally by me. I can also review your website, product page, ad strategy, and more, live on the call. “Office Hours with Natalie are better than 1-on-1 coaching I’ve had,” says one of our members who you’ll meet further down the page.


Systems and implementation calls with Kelly Azevedo. Kelly also hosts accompanying challenges to hold you accountable! Do the work and you can also win prizes. You’ll get recordings of each call, which are yours to keep forever.


6 Million Mark Mentoring sessions. Join me and one of my 7-figure peers to get a behind the scenes look at systems, strategies, and steps to get to the million-dollar revenue mark. Mentors include Diana House from Tiny Devotions, Denise Duffield-Thomas from, Nathalie Lussier from AmbitionAlly, leading sales strategist Lisa Sasevich, Renee Warren from agency Onboardly, and accountant extraordinaire Cynthia Durand.


Access to a private Conquer Club Facebook group with me, fellow members, and the mentors. There will also be an additional group for The Inner Circle Mastermind members to connect with everyone attending The Conquer Live Retreat.


Conquer Live Retreat in Napa, California. Join us June 5th to 7th as we dive into strategy, your next steps, deep self work, and taking well-deserved time for yourself.


Inner Circle Mastermind “Get It Done Days” every 6 weeks, where Inner Circle members will have the chance to be part of a tight-knit mastermind group for a full day of high-powered productivity, working toward specific goals. Kelly or I will set aside the day to review content Inner Circle members post, and then hold calls throughout the day to hold you accountable, answer your questions, and share our recommendations.


TWO copywriting and content hot seat sessions with my copy team. Join me and two of my superstar copywriters Hillary Weiss and Nikki Groom for the ultimate virtual copy workshop. You’ll discover the team’s strategies for crafting high-selling emotional experiences through words, and the finer points of copy that converts — all while getting your own content workshopped and edited LIVE. These are high-power digital events designed to help you discover your voice, and write sales pages, web copy, headlines, emails, and more, that can change everything about the way you speak and sell in your business.


I’ve been knee deep in revamping my website lately – hired an outstanding copywriter who nailed my message, found an amazing team for my photoshoot (yes, I’m done hiding behind my company), happily awaiting the mock ups of the new website from my designer, I have my first ever lead magnet, all while meeting with clients, running a full time business, & still making time for family & friends…. this is just the beginning! I feel so incredibly empowered watching & learning from The Conquer Club & this group.

— Jackie Cruz

You’ll also get 2 fabulous enrollment gifts that we’ll send as soon as you join us:


We’ll be mailing all our new members a copy of my new planner for entrepreneurs, Conquer Your Year, published by the Perigee imprint of Penguin Random House. This heart-fueled planner and goal development tool is the follow-up to my wildly successful workbook for entrepreneurs, The Conquer Kit. It will help you create your best year yet by beautifully balancing grit and grace. Planning your quarters, weeks, and days has never felt this good!

Conquer Meditations

You’ll also get my Conquer Meditations album as a bonus gift. My guided meditations are specifically for entrepreneurs, and will help you work through your blocks, get laser-focused on what’s most important, and ultimately create a limitless business and life for yourself. You’ll also get live, bonus meditation calls with me during the year so you can deepen your practice, and expand into your fullest potential. Our members LOVE these bonus calls.

A few months after joining The Conquer Club I received a consulting contract that immediately pushed me over that $50K mark (woohoo!) and my income has continued to steadily increase. I’ve also had some big wins like being featured in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, and the show I produce being picked up for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada (OMG).

— Gwen Elliot, Media Strategist and Producer at

Being part of The Conquer Club and working with Natalie has been an instrumental part of my business success over the past year. Between the high quality content, support from Natalie and Kelly, and the amazing women it attracts, investing in the Conquer Club has paid for itself many, many times over. Amid all the hype and fluff online Conquer Club is a breath of fresh air.

— Maggie Patterson, Communications Strategist and founder of Inside Scoop

I smashed my first launch! So many times, I’d set the goal. ‘Launch this product.’ ‘Run that course.’ ‘Do a webinar.’ But I’m not sure I even knew what a launch entailed. Not really.

Before I was in Natalie’s world, I’d never pulled off a real launch. She raised me up to make it happen and now I have a brand I am truly proud to put out in the world. The product is making a difference to my clients’ lives and my business is going from strength to strength.

What I’ve found so incredible about the Conquer community is the kind of person Natalie attracts. Supportive, ambitious, but most of all real. There is an integrity and kindness about the Conquer Club that you don’t find anywhere else. And believe me, I’ve been in a lot of online programmes. (Course junkie, anyone?)

Natalie makes stepping up into your success inevitable, yet easy. Not ‘overnight success’ easy, because there’s no such thing. But she facilitates realistic, practical, supported progress. She gives from the heart and makes you feel like you truly belong in this space. A welcome change for awakening entrepreneurs.

— Kris Emery, Copyeditor,

Ready to join us?

For 2017, we’re giving you the chance to join The Conquer Club online experience on an extended payment plan for just $149/month for 12 months, or join the Inner Circle Mastermind and Conquer Live Retreat for $449/month for 12 months. This is the first time we’ve ever offered a payment plan like this, because we want to make absolutely sure you have the chance to join us on this life-changing, business-transforming adventure.

***Please note that all prices are in U.S. dollars***

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The real value of The Conquer Club is
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We truly believe that your investment in one of our Conquer Club 2017 membership options is worth its weight in gold.

If you were to purchase consulting packages from the mentors we give you access to, or coaching with me, you could be investing tens of thousands of dollars. And it would still totally be worth it, but your Conquer Club investment is a fraction of that.

Here’s a look at the real value of The Conquer Club:


  • Over 100 on-demand Conquer Classes ($2000)
  • A year of group coaching with me, including over 20 hours of live Office Hours ($10,000)
  • 6 Million Mark Mentoring Sessions ($3,000)
  • Over 10 hours of live systems calls and implementation support with Kelly ($4,000)
  • The full Conquer Club portal, tools, templates, and resources ($1,000)
  • Membership in the most supportive community online today for entrepreneurs: Priceless

= Estimated value of $20,000

The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind + Conquer Live, our retreat experience:

  • 8 Get it Done Days, our full-day virtual workshops ($8,000)
  • A ticket to our 2-day Conquer Live Retreat in Napa Valley, California ($2,500)
  • TWO copywriting and content hot seats with my copy team ($1,000)
  • The experience of being in a mastermind group surrounded by people walking the same path (you can’t put a price on that!)
  • Plus, the value of having full access to the
    Conquer Club Online Experience $20,000

= Estimated value of $31,500

Your investment in The Conquer Club could change everything.

Ask yourself this: What could be possible in your business and life if you spent a full year surrounded by a powerhouse team and beautiful community that has your back every step of the way?

Hear from our members

We have worked with hundreds of Conquerors from around the world to help them get more clients, make more money, have more time for what matters most, and be more of who they were born to be. Don’t just take our word for it though. Hear straight from our members about their experiences in The Conquer Club and The Conquer Club Inner Circle Mastermind + Conquer Live Retreat:

I’ve been wanting to tell you what a beautiful program you’ve set up. I’ve been in other programs that are near the same price point… but nothing else even comes close to what I get inside The Conquer Club. Every part of my business is nurtured, and you are always there.”


“With Natalie’s guidance I wrote my book proposal… and was offered a contract.”


“I had so many ideas rolling around in my brain, and I was trying to do too much. One of the things you helped me with was scaling it down and being more clear, but providing a lot of value with fewer moving parts. Joining The Conquer Club was the best decision I have made in a long time. Even though I have a lot of experience, The Conquer Club and working with you… it’s the absolute reason why my business has shifted to a whole new realm.”

— jamie broderick, network now

“The most important part of a community is that you can be yourself and you can be open in the group, and that’s something The Conquer Club has. You get to know people on a deeper level… These are the people I belong with, and understand me like nobody else does. In The Conquer Club you will finally find your tribe.”


“The retreat has definitely been the thing I loved most about The Conquer Club. That’s made such a difference to me this year. And that’s when things really started to sort things out in my mind.”

— lucy may, the organic cookery school

Real time love from our last Conquer LIVE Retreat

Hear from the women business owners we are so honored to serve on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Day-to-day love from our members

Below, you’ll hear from even more of our amazing members. And we’re showing some of the heartfelt kudos and accolades shared by our members day-to-day when we aren’t even expecting it. #thatslove

Thanks so much Natalie for the website review you did for me on your Office Hours Call  – great insights which I have started to action already.

Claire Kerslake

I love the support we are receiving in every single stage of our process. Thank you for the reassurance and the amazing advice.

Diana Delgado

Fantastic Conquer call, the two hours disappeared. Sometimes the entrepreneurial world can feel isolating and friends/family don’t really understand what all this online hoo-ha is about. It’s delightful to be part of a supportive group that gets it and shares so much valuable information, resources, and insight. Thank you.

Jennie Ormson

A big thanks to Natalie for reviewing my opt-in page on last week’s Office Hours! I felt a huge amount of momentum going into my launch this past Tuesday — also thanks to the fabulous encouragement from this group!

Emily Sexton

So inspiring to watch everyone in the Conquer Club post updates, help, and inspire each other every day! Thanks always to you all and to Natalie … for creating this space 🙂 What a wonderful journey this is as we all grow, learn, share, and support each other.

Isabel Fernandez

I totally got my shizzle together after Natalie’s Office Hours call – thanks Natalie! I think I just found my tribe. It’s amazing what happens when you ask, you receive. Thank you thank you.

Kirsten Basford

I was trying to do too much all at once. Launch this, create and sell that, setting revenue targets that were bound to have me feeling like a failure. Once I let go and re-framed everything (I stopped being caught up on the wrong things) I started to focus on doing my very best work. That is when absolute magic happened. Thank you Natalie, Kelly + the awesome team, I don’t know where I would be without your love and support. (Lonely and struggling is my guess LOL!)

Kylie Gabutto

I am soooooo grateful that we have your help throughout the year Natalie. I cannot even tell you!

Laura Boyd

I’m extremely proud to have gotten clearer on what I want to do, learning great tips each month has definitely helped me reach a few goals. I’m learning how to share my message more authentically because of Conquer Club!

Lynn Mendelsohn

I’m loving the Conquer Club. Thank you all, it is great to be surrounded by your energy and brilliance. Thanks for all the tips and encouragement!

Marta Larrad

Amazing experience Natalie … loved sharing everyone’s dreams into the dream jar … feeling very inspired. Felt a definite shift after your call!

Melissa Renfrey

Wow Natalie! You really go above and beyond. I truly appreciate this. I have got more out of the Conquer Club than 1:1 coaching before. The whole team of mentors do an amazing job. I’m excited to say that over the last four months my profit has tripled!! My income is now covering all our living expenses and private school fees whilst my husband grows his real estate business. HOLY CRAP!! Dreams coming true all over the place. My clients are happy and I’ve been implementing systems to keep on top of the growing work load. I can’t believe how much has changed since doing Conquer Club!

Nicole Leonti

Just wanted to shout … about how brilliant it is to have Conquer Club bring us together. I’m so grateful to be a part of this group and get to start building friendships and relationships with THE best group of ladies in the world. Thank you. I treat this as a mentorship programme because of the phenomenal support we’ve received … Office Hours are a great way of asking individual questions if you want a specific answer from Natalie. [I] always learn so much from everybody else’s questions as well as my own! I’ve finally had a massive breakthrough – enough is enough. It’s time for me to stop playing small, stop hiding and actually step up, take my own advice and start preparing for and living the life I WANT.  I’m going to work even harder, be even more focused and I’m going to chase my dreams. I’ve seen such a transformation (in a lot of ways in thanks to being a part of Conquer Club!) in the past 6 months, and I can’t wait to see what my next year holds. So exciting – thank you all for inspiring me every single day. I’m going through so many transitions and emotions at the moment and it’s all because I’m about to bust through that glass ceiling to create a life and business that is truly on my own terms. Thank you.

Rachel Shillcock

I just went over my books for the first month of 2016 and I have made just slightly less in that month than I did in my entire first year of business in 2013! I’ve been working through money blocks (thank you Kylie for your awesome mentor call) and have been listening to Natalie’s abundance meditation regularly. Finally breaking down what I do and why I do it has been priceless. Intention + hustle = first big win of The Conquer Club!! Thank you everyone for your posts and engagement in the group. It helps keep me motivated and inspired even when I’m feeling a little tired and blah. Here’s to an epic 2016!!

Caitlin Iles

Good STRETCHING assignment. Thanks for this first challenge. It feels good to have my goals out of my head 🙂

Colette Campbell

I just wanted to check in and share a win. The last time I was here I was taking real estate classes to be an agent for my husband’s growing business. I had so much support from everyone even though I was going against my own dreams. In January I listened to Kylie Patchett about money, mindset, mojo and it brought me to tears. She was talking about following your true passion and so much of what she said on that call resonated with me. Thanks Kylie for such a beautiful call! Around the end of February I quit the real estate course. It was the best decision I could have ever made. The weight lifted off my shoulders and I started doing what I love, making jewellery and signing up for summer shows and getting my calendar full. Then this month a huge change happened again. I discovered the owners of my favourite bead supply store were retiring. One week later I put in an offer to buy their store and this week I will be finalizing the purchase agreement. I am so excited. I am so happy. I am so glad that I decided to trust the process of following my true passion because if I hadn’t I would have never walked into that store. My 5×5 needs to be revised. I am afraid of this challenge but someone once said on here that to become better we must stay outside of our comfort zone as much as possible.

Crissy Dixon

Thank you to Kelly Azevedo and Natalie MacNeil for celebrating me. It means so much to me. I was lost and frustrated. I am now back on track.

Sophie Solmini

I’ve had a good 6 months. Lots of bumps and oh sh*t moments along the way, but my book Adopting Solo is published, my businesses are both flourishing, I’m getting known for the coaching work I do with parents and I feel more confident in my own skin. This group is amazing for what people share and how it helps others. Looking forward to what the next 6 months brings.

Sarah Fisher

Wow. Systems!  This morning’s call was amazing. Thank you!! I suddenly feel like this is the best decision I’ve made, to join The Conquer Club. Since the first call in November, I’ve spent so much time getting honest with myself, digging deep, and have achieved clarity in what I want. No more fear!

Mary Ann Williams

I have worked on a lot of my fears this year and thanks to The Conquer Club I’m making massive strides forward.

Claire Streeton

I’ve only been in the Conquer Club for a short while but it has been truly phenomenal. Such great content and incredible support from all the mentors and members.

Diana Miller

I have figured out so much over the last six months in the Conquer Club. I’m exploring new possibilities, I’m connecting with more people and I’m enjoying the journey. I’m pushing out of my comfort zone and I’m embracing whatever challenges come my way. I’ve never been so busy … and I feel so much happier and have more clarity on my future business plans! Thank you so much, I feel your support and am so very grateful to be a part of such an amazing and supportive community.

Emily Whelan

I have barely jumped into the Conquer Club yet but I am inspired to join the sisterhood full-on today after Natalie guided us through that bonus meditation … this group feels so supportive and helpful. Blessings to you all!

Jen Rinehart Blumenthal

With one-on-one coaching you only get one person’s experience and expertise. Here in the Conquer Club you get access to 12+ monthly specialized experts, plus Kelly Azevedo and Natalie MacNeil of course, AND many of the members are also subject matter experts. When you get stuck, you can reach out and you’ll get a TON of support from your mentors and fellow members to help you move forward. In my opinion, Conquer Club and the format far outweighs the one-on-one model!

Karley Cunningham

… Big love to Natalie for amping-up my self-belief and strength (around my communication in particular) in the lead up to launching!

Kris Emery

Natalie’s bonus meditation with our group was fabulous today! I’m sure I’ll wake up to an energising new week!

Kylie Pengelly

Thank you ladies so much for your support and words of encouragement. It makes such a difference knowing I have a whole sisterhood who is cheering me on 🙂 We get GREAT feedback and support in the Conquer Club Facebook group and on the live calls. I’m really grateful for the individualised answers and advice I’ve received from Natalie and Kelly in this group and the calls. Thank you Natalie … for helping me transition from Business Puberty to Business Adulthood (and thank you to Conquer Mentor Nikki Elledge Brown for the term “business puberty”).

Layla Saad

A sisterhood of like-minded women like here in the Conquer Club changes EVERYTHING.

Makeda T. Pennycooke

I just wanted to thank Natalie and Kelly for leading such a supportive group and for everyone who has shared something in the past few months. It’s more motivating than you think!

Maura Hughes

I’m all about empowering women to live their best life, which is why I’m so thrilled to be in this group, since everyone seems to be ALL about that too.

Melissa Rosenstock

Pardon the mushiness, but Natalie – just wanted to say thank you for creating this space. You’re a gem of a human being, and I love to watch you shine …

Nikki Elledge Brown

Kelly’s website challenge was a fantastic challenge. I was already working on rebuilding my site when you announced the challenge, but having a deadline made me really push myself.

RonaLynn Fitzpatrick

I love being in the Conquer Club – talent galore here!

Susan Ellis-Saller

The Conquer Club is so chock full of expert advice I am more than grateful I joined! Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to move me closer to launching my business.

Stacey Adams

Conquerors, I’m so excited to be able to share this with you… I’m going to be hosting a Facebook Ads workshop at the Roooar retreat. I’m so excited and proud to be doing this! Stepping into my genius zone! This is what happens when you keep showing up every single day for 2+ years! Paying off for sure!

Bianca McKenzie

It is so nice to connect with other conquerors who are in the same boat.  My friends and family are supportive but they don’t really understand what being an entrepreneur is all about.   I have learned so much from Natalie but also the other conquerors in the group.

Caroline Brookfield

I am loving the meditations, guided meditations are new to me and I am humbled at how powerful they are. Thank you Natalie!

Jenny Sjolund

I finally gave my bookkeeping over to someone else. I was hoarding it in a really unhealthy way and now someone much more capable has it and I have lost the eye twitch I was developing – the relief is endless. Thanks again to The Conquer Club for giving me the right advice at the right time. Now I can focus on my talents as I move into my ultimate role as Creative Director.

Jessica Burman

I’ve been part of the Inner Circle for two years and absolutely love everything Natalie MacNeil has created. I’ve learned many invaluable lessons from Natalie and her team that have helped me grow my business.

Kelly Hudson

Today is my first launch EVER!!! I am so excited and also super nervous. When I signed up for The Conquer Club I knew in my gut that it would be game changing for me and it has been. I’m thankful for this wonderful group of supportive women and for Natalie MacNeil. xoxo

Sara Drury

I’m in the middle of creating my ecourse, with 3 of my 7 modules done. I’m finishing up my powerpoint and recording videos on a daily basis. I’ve literally had to stop consuming (except for a few podcasts on my afternoon walk with the baby), stop blogging and put a full out 100% effort into getting this thing done. A friend of mine took a few photos last week. It’s crazy how just ticking off ONE box, an entire weight has been lifted. I was dragging my feet on the photo shoot waiting for the right outfit, the right background, the right photographer, a few more post baby pounds to come off…but instead I just went for it. The checklist may be long…but each day, powering through to get to the next, I am one step closer to launching this thing!! So a big thank you to all of the tips and advice and conversations going on in here that help me push through the madness. It’s crazy how much work this is….but I know it’ll be worth it.

Kayla Roof

My income has doubled! This month and last have been the best ever in my business, and I am so darn grateful. Thank you for all the resources and support you are constantly giving in the Conquer Club!

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

The first half of this year has been a massive journey for me with my business and my brand. I’ve learned so much from the Conquer Club materials and have really enjoyed the prompting for fixing up websites and streamlining business processes. It’s helped me to get more focussed and use my time more effectively. The feedback from this group and the calls have been incredibly helpful too …No more hiding. No more wishy washy. No more playing small. There’s so much more to come.

Glenda Bishop

I have friends who are buying more courses and feel they need more support in certain areas of their businesses that are all covered in Conquer Club! It just makes me really grateful for what Natalie provides us with.

Julia Wells

What a great call today! HURRAY! I love PR and striking up partnerships with brands and publications. Yet, making my media kit was terrifying. This is an example of creating something when DONE is better than PERFECT. Thank you so much for the support on the Conquer call today.

Kim Caldwell

How amazing … to have this amazing network in the Conquer Club!

Kristie Hokin

Thank you for sharing all these processes to aide in our success Natalie! I pray I can properly utilize these golden nuggets you lay before us all.

Mandy Rivera

6 months ago I was a $100 a session coach, with a garage full of self-published books. Today I signed my first $12,000 client for a 3 month program and am contracted by my own mentor to coach her clients. I have learnt so much about myself and asking for what I need. It is all 100% mindset. Sure, I need a few more clients to be able to step out of my 6-figure job, but I am on my way. I just needed to GET OUT of my own way. You got this Conquerors.

Lorraine Hamilton

I really loved our website challenge from Kelly so thank you for the kick up the backside. It’s been inspiring to see what everyone is up to. I’ll definitely be checking out all the amazing posts on the forum and I didn’t want our meditation with Natalie to end today. The simple ‘breathwork for confidence’ she led made a difference for me … Doing our website update homework is bringing up some confidence and clarity issues for me so I needed to hear that today. Having Natalie as a meditation teacher and guided those experiences is one of my favourite parts of this group.  What a lovely, unexpected bonus in the Conquer Club!

Michelle Stewart

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the personal attention in the Conquer Club. Your advice really gives me direction.

Petra Ivan

I did something that took a lot of courage today. I told the college I teach at that I will not be returning. I was there almost 7 years … With the help of the Conquer Club my business is growing faster than I imagined! I’m feeling very thankful for this group and the support …

Sandy Hapoienu

Wowza! What a great Conquer call today. Totally what I needed to shift me out of my little “I don’t want to play anymore mind crap”. So many simple to use techniques. Thanks so much.

Tracey Templeman

I’m so inspired and grateful to be surrounded by all these amazing conquerors. Natalie and all the ladies in this group are experts in so many areas. If you ask a question, someone has the answer or knows where to find it. The Conquer Club is amazing. I mean who else is putting together a video response to address our specific questions asked?! I am so grateful. I had so many big wins this year, and this group has kept me focused, motivated and full of ideas. My website is completely done and live thanks to Kelly’s challenge and all the great feedback. I have actual paying clients and this month have surpassed my monthly salary at my old job. I’ve expanded my network, gotten clear on my goals and purpose, developed a daily meditation practice, and really just decided to commit to going for it first time. I am truly inspired by this group and have found the greatest resource for learning how to move from idea to action. Thank you everyone.

Toya Gavin

Yahooo!!! I just renewed my Conquer Club Membership… I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my business, supporting others, and getting feedback from everyone in 2016!!

Amie Leadingham

It’s 6 years since I started my business. I had no idea what a business would involve back then, I just figured I’d help people and the rest would sort itself out!

Cue many years of learning, fear, uncertainty, passion, excitement, success, growth, momentum, anxiety, doubt, certainty, blood, sweat and tears….

I think the moment I joined the Conquer Club, I finally truly acknowledged that my work was no longer a ‘hobby’. I truly began to believe that I could spend my days doing something I love, raise my two daughters and contribute to our family income in a real way.

Website update, systems better in place, leveraged offering, a funnel or two are all in the pipeline, but for now I am just really happy to acknowledge where I am right now.

I’m loving that I can allow my business to flow to the next stage. I can handle the ups and the downs. I have a beautiful tribe of students and clients who I love.

This group has kept me going on the days I have wanted to return to my employee days!

You ladies are so incredibly inspiring! I love reading all of your wins.

The Conquer Club in general has been paramount in me believing in myself and having the knowledge to make it happen. I have met some of the dearest business buddies here. Thank you!

Amanda Freeman

Thank you so much for the video and the help, it has been really useful today and I especially liked the extra tip. I have loads of work I am not showing off, feeling overwhelmed by it a bit but know that 2016 is going to be a great year! So glad I took the plunge 🙂 Thank you!

Jessica Sands

I listened to Yasmine Khater’s training!!! LOVED the call and content!!!! BIG thank YOU!!!! I made some adjustments to one of my offerings….added a 20 minute “intuition next steps” call after the free mini course so that I can fully serve and create a fun, supportive, strong sales chat and assist in their direction for next steps!!!!

Tara Antler

Wow! What a fun challenge and what an amazing string of wins. It is so energising to be in this group of gumptious women. What an inspiration! I feel so lucky and privileged to be among you all. I have a slight suspicion that we hold the record for the most amazing group on Facebook!!

Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

I want to say thank you for the retreat. It was life-changing for me and was more than I had hoped it would be! With lots of support and guidance from within our Conquer Club community, my sales page is DONE and posted. My two live webinars are this week and I have over 725 people signed up already!! Hoping my launch is HUGE! Thanks again guys for all of your support!

Mary Lynch Barbera

Working with Natalie has been by far the best investment I have ever made in my business.  Yes, I’ve received high level strategy, insider knowledge and vastly greater income generation than I expected to see as a result of working together. But the far more juicy gift has been Natalie’s innate way of creating an uber successful business whilst staying right smack bang in her genius zone and operating with her heart leading the show at all times.

She is, hands down, the personification of soulful success and I count myself incredibly lucky to have her as my business and life mentor.

Thanks Natalie.

— Kylie Patchett, Mind Money Mojo Coach at


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