Join 4,000 fellow women entrepreneurs who’ve broken through their money blocks, and transform the way you spend, save, and earn.


Money Bootcamp the absolute best money mindset training program for women entrepreneurs on the planet — and I’m so excited for the 2017 LIVE round that I’m handing over a ton of awesome bonuses for you to live your richest life.

This program comes stacked with live support from Denise, challenges, worksheets, coaching support, and an amazing community, all designed to help brilliant women entrepreneurs (like you) grapple with the biggest thing holding them back: their money mindset.

Between you and me: Denise is my go-to experts for all things financial, and we mastermind regularly. That’s why I’m over-the-moon to be gifting you a stack of bonuses you can’t find anywhere else when you sign up for Money Bootcamp through us. It’s a program that’s already helped thousands of women take back control of their money stories — and now it’s your turn.

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Your Money Bootcamp LIVE Access Pass: From August 7 – September 15 2017 offers live support from Denise, the community, and Money Bootcamp facilitarors, and and lifetime access to the online program, including all modules, videos, transcripts, and resources. Read on to learn more about what’s inside.


Denise is also offering $1,000 worth of exclusive bonuses that I want to highlight since they are only available when you join before Friday August 4th at 9 pm EST, including additional courses, meditations, visualizations and books. Okay, let’s take a look at what you’ll find inside Money Bootcamp: 

You’ll get hands-on support throughout the program

Weekly Live Calls with Denise

Work through each module of the Money Bootcamp with the support of Denise as she leads you through live exercises and real-life examples and answers your questions.

Test what you learn in the “real world”

Live Challenges & Group Activities

Via the private Facebook Group Denise will lead live challenges to help you breakthrough blocks and stay accountable. These will include decluttering, money tracking, finding hidden treasure, affirmations and positive anchors.

Coaching galore

New in 2017: Community Coaches

Joining us in the Facebook group will be a small select group of Money Bootcamp facilitators to provide quick guidance and answers for all of your questions so you are fully supported through the entire program.

Homework + worksheets to keep you accountable

Exercises + Downloadables

As well as PDF transcripts, each video module includes several powerful worksheets and exercises to help you go deeper and further with this life-changing work. Access to all course materials and recordings for life including access to all future upgrades and updates to the course. Study at your own pace and revisit content whenever you need it. The online membership portal means you can access the course anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The keys to your own private Money Bootcamp hub

Membership in our private online forum

24/7 support and friendship. This is the GAME-CHANGER. You’ll be invited to join one of the most supportive and inspiring communities on the internet where I am active every day offering advice and answering questions. A unique opportunity to get to know 3,500 other female entrepreneurs across the world.


Participation in future LIVE Rounds

As a Bootcamp member you will be able to participate in future Live rounds of the Money Bootcamp to revisit key lessons and new content with Denise. Live Rounds open once a year so take advantage of the early bird price to get in for 2017.

A beautiful stack of bonuses

$1,000+ in bonus material, including…

When you enroll, you’ll also get your hands on Denise’s Manifesting Course, her Advanced Pricing Course, her “Do it Quickly Lucky Bee” productivity program, guided visualizations, ebooks, meditations, and more — yours free.


Because I <3 Denise + Money Bootcamp,
I’m dishing out some priceless bonuses of my own when you buy through us!

Bonus #1

First access to my brand new course, all about habits building

($397 value)

After Denise teaches you powerful rituals and mantras around money, this program will help you cement those changes for life.

(There’s a reason you don’t recognize this offering — we haven’t even launched it yet! That’s how new it is, and you’ll be the first to go through the program.)

Even cooler than that? You can use this course for any habit you want to build. Alongside what you’ll learn from Denise, which will set you up for a lifetime of money magnetism, abundance, and profits from your passion, you’ll also learn how to ingrain habits that will put you on the fast track to your biggest health, happiness, and business goals.

I believe habits are the building blocks of success, and this program will help you lay that foundation – with powerful, proven strategies for paving your way to your dreams, while creating the life of your dreams along the way.

Bonus #2

Money Meditation Success Bundle

($27 value)

When you purchase access to Money Bootcamp, you’ll also get access to my meditation album.

This is where money wisdom meets woo. I’ll walk you through all of my personal go-to meditations designed to help you release anxiety and fear around money and start manifesting profits and your dream clients like never before.

Ommmmmoney. 😉

Bonus #3

A LIVE Money Masterclass with me (Natalie)

(Value: $997)

I’ve never done this before! 

We’ll talk all things money; from investments and taxes to my favorite money rituals and management platforms. I’ll also lead a live Hot Seat where you can ask all your burning financial questions, and get the goods on how I manage my own money and the way I choose to interact with its energy and flow. (Hint: these practices changed the game for me, and are no small part of the way I built my own 7-figure business). I’ll be bringing in all my best techniques and tools for this one — including EFT and pattern reprogramming — to help you break bad money habits, and get yourself on the road to sustainable wealth sooner.

These bonuses are yours FREE when you sign up through our link.

Feeling ready to rock Money Bootcamp with Denise + me?

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Get your access for $500 off when you buy before 9 PM EST on August 2nd

Disclaimer: To be totally transparent: I am an affiliate of Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, and will receive commission for every sale through our link. However, as you know, I never promote products or programs I don’t 100% believe in. Money Bootcamp is a game-changing program that has already transformed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, and for good reason: it’s the best of its kind in the industry. So I invite you learn more, explore what it’s all about — and if you’re ready, take the leap to master your money too. 😉