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Scroll down to read about what makes us different from other programs out there. You can also hear straight from our members about their experiences in The Conquer Club. And if you have questions, Natalie likely has a video answer for you in our FAQ section.

The Conquer Club is an implementation incubator & community like no other.

We help entrepreneurs with big hearts and even bigger dreams do the work that propels them forward. We offer only the best results-driven training and mentorship, personalized support and coaching, expert-led classes, connections, and resources for entrepreneurs who are ready to break through blocks, increase their visibility, make more money, and live their purpose.


We have two membership tiers to choose from: the Conquer Club online incubator experience, and the Conquer Club Inner Circle + Conquer Retreat.


We’re here to serve our Conquerors in the way that aligns to their individual goals and dreams. That’s why we offer two tiers of membership:

1) The Conquer Club online experience – Our online experience can be accessed from anywhere you can get an internet connection and includes twelve months of implementation support from a team of mentors, monthly systems calls with community manager Kelly Azevedo, two coaching calls each month with Natalie, and so much more.


2) The Conquer Club Inner Circle + Conquer Retreat – When you choose the Inner Circle option, you have access to the full Conquer Club online experience plus immersion in a mastermind. Every six weeks you’ll get a virtual full-day “Get It Done Day” with Natalie or Kelly to move forward on your biggest goal. You’ll have access to us all day long, including opportunities for personalized video coaching calls where we can give you specific feedback and spend time looking at what you’re working on. We’ve had members bring in thousands of dollars more in revenue from tweaks made during one of our virtual deep dives, and a member who landed an agent for the book proposal she worked on with Natalie’s guidance. Inner Circle membership also includes the 2-day Conquer Retreat.

But what really makes the Conquer Club different?

We pick up where every other program and training leaves off: the doing.

Here’s the thing: There are some great programs out there that will teach you a lot. But chances are, you’ll barely be able to keep up with the curriculum, let alone actually implement everything. That’s where the Conquer Club comes in. As an implementation incubator, Natalie and her team support you for a full year. More often than not, that’s how long it really takes to transform your business and your life in radical ways, and get amazing results.

Natalie + the Conquer Club Expert Mentors are here to give you:

  • Unprecedented access to individual support through our community, including live calls with Natalie twice each month!
  • Behind-the-curtain peeks into successful businesses, to show you how they work, why they work, and how you can follow their examples
  • Workbooks and guides for everything from planning out your year, to powering up your mindset, to building a small team
  • Proven strategies for marketing and selling without feeling “pushy”
  • Processes and systems support, with video responses to members’ questions by Community Manager and our in-house Systems Specialist, Kelly Azevedo

You’ll have ample opportunities to get feedback, and have your personal questions answered by our team + teachers throughout the entire year.

The goal? To get you moving forward faster.

We pull out every stop to help YOU design the business and life you desire – even if you’re just starting.

The curriculum, calls, and discussions are all custom-created for our Conquerors. Oh – and we make it fun too. Laughter and celebrations are just as valuable as budget sheets and high-converting product pages!


If you’re ready for your highest growth year yet, a year that moves closer to your vision by leaps and bounds – you’re ready for The Conquer Club. Join us.

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